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Aquelda was the second of Queen Reine Devilla's followers who was introduced in episode 12 of the anime. She never appeared in the manga. She remained in the anime until episode 14 where she was purified by Wedding Peach.

Aquelda is a Water Devil who loves making (or bamboozling) money in the Human World. Her personality is quite playful and even taunting.

She briefly had better luck than Pluie's attempts by capturing Wedding Peach during her first attack on the Human World. Despite doing a slightly more efficient job than Pluie, Reine Devilla was quick to eliminate Aquelda for her shortcomings. Pluie saved the Water Devil from death by blocking Reine Devilla's final blow and taking Aquelda under his command. Reine Devilla found his pleas amusing, but ultimately granted Pluie's request.

Aquelda felt grateful for Pluie's actions and it was hinted that Aquelda may have fallen in love with Pluie. The two plan a "final assault" against the Love Angels after Aquelda acquired Momoko's mother's ring (which is actually The Something Old). Their plan was ultimately undone by the Love Angels. Pluie seemed to be momentarily distraught when Aquelda was caught in Wedding Peach's attack, but shortly dismissed Aquelda's final words to him as "ridiculous".

Aquelda makes a cameo appearance in the audience of the Virgin Love live concert special video and in the unreleased baseball episode as a cheerleader.

She was voiced by Rica Fukami in the Japanese version and Alexis Chamow in the English dub.